Natural Environment degradation has been a  growing concern world over since last few decades and we at CAUSE are aware and concerned  on this extremely important issue which will determent the future course of Human and non-Human existence on this planet. We being situated in core Himalaya region are more at threat as we are extremely susceptible to the ongoing global warming and degradation.

CAUSE desires to act as a social movement that seeks to influence the political process by awareness programmes, lobbying, grassroots activism and education in order to protect our natural resources and ecosystem at large.

CAUSE intends to grow as a strong Environmental protection promoter and envisages a sustainable management of resources, and the protection or restoration of the natural environment through changes in group and individual behavior, community mobilization and public policy.

H.O: Nigeen Hazratbal Srinagar Kashmir J&K india-190006

Email: cause.ngo@gmail.com

Phone: 9797000926, 9419000934

Registered Charity: 2080583/2010

(Under indianTrust Act).

NITI Aayog No. JK/2011/0041660

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