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Let us stand side by side with our medical fraternity against the fight with Covid-19

Action Plan:


Setting up helpline:

Helping hand for medicos & enforcing agencies

Scalability: We will target 10lac people including Medicos in district Srinagar. We will set up a separate control room and coordinators for district Srinagar, which is the most vulnerable district in J&K as of now where 14 cases are positive at present.


Expected Outcome: To reach needy people and fulfil their basic requirements especially daily wage/labor class and also link up Govt. resources. So that they can stay inside their homes.



Distribution of masks, soap/hand washes/ hand sanitizer with an awareness of its proper use to reduce Covid19 spread and will break the chain.

The awareness about covid19 and its safety makers in the local language with the distribution of material. A short video will be made for online awareness and safety purpose.

As Govt is running out of manpower, we will reinforce medical staff and enforcing agency’s through volunteering and will provide the basic supplies and self-care kits. A team of volunteers will work with medicos for their care and other people who are out of their house as essential services workers we will distribute masks, soaps /hand wash/hand sanitizers and self-care kits.

Setting up 24x7 helpline, both telephonic as well as online for any emergency situation like Medical emergency (vehicle availability): Telephonic and online doctor consolation will be provided as well.

Food storage: Anyone facing storage of essential items can call and we will make it possible along with the district administration.

Streets management: Any one feeling stressed /anxiety /any issue with mental health will be provided counselling telephonically by mental health experts.

Do’s & Don’ts: Anyone having any query about covid19 we will link them to experts.

People can report about a person who have travel history and have not reported to authorities.


Amount Required for:
















NOTE:- If the material above mentioned can be provided the cash is not needed


Expecting your gracious help.

N 91 Masks +  Normal Masks

15000 X Rs. 100 & 10000 X Rs. 2

Total Amount Needed

Rs. 170000.00


4000 X Rs. 60

Total Amount Needed

Rs. 240000.00


4000 X Rs. 10

Total Amount Needed

Rs. 40000.00

Virus proof Suits

(for volunteers /staff /Medicos)

1100 x Rs. 150

Total Amount Needed

Rs. 165000.00

Food for volunteers

20 x Rs. 500 x 30 Days

Total Amount Needed

Rs. 300000.00


(life-saving & 1st aid kits)

Total Amount Needed

Rs. 100000.00

Soaps/ Hand wash

4000 X Rs. 10

Total Amount Needed

Rs. 40,000.00

Vehicles 4 Nos.


Rs. 2500/Vehicle/Day

Total Amount Needed

Rs. 300000.00

Forehead Thermometer

30 X Rs. 1500

Total Amount Needed

Rs. 45000.00

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